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Discover Mongolia


Alternative route through Mongolia and then on to Moscow

Precede your journey on the Tsar’s Gold Private Train with a trip around Mongolia. Before boarding the Tsar’s Gold train in Ulan Bator you can enjoy the highlights of a Mongolian tour: Genghis Khan’s former capital of Karakorum, the Mongolian Alps, and yurt settlements.

Day 1: Arrival in UlanBator, with a sightseeing tour of the city, including visits to the historical museum and the Lama Temple.
DAY 2: The Gandan Monastery and the Mongolian Alps.
DAY 3: Hiking in the Mongolian Alps and a visit to a herder’s family.
DAY 4: Terelj and Hustai National Parks.
DAY 5: Karakorum, with sightseeing to the ruins of the 13th century Mongolian capital.
DAY 6: The Erdene Zuu and Bayan Gobi Monasteries.
DAY 7: You return to Ulan Bator, with sightseeing at the Uvgun Monastery.

Your further itinerary begins with 8th day of our main Trans-Siberian Railway tour from Beijing to Moscow.

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