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Life On Board

Boredom will not be a problem on this journey. Every day is a new adventure through some amazing landscapes.

What to expect.

You will board your train in the afternoon and be welcomed by your carriages’ 2 personal attendants who will be available to help you 24 hours a day. Once you are settled into your compartment you may explore the whole train. Even the luggage van can be viewed if necessary.
The train is centrally air-conditioned whenever the train is travelling at more than 30km per hour. Higher class cabins have their own independent systems. Whilst the train is stopped most of the windows in the corridors can be opened to allow in the fresh air.

This evening you will have your first dinner on board. Whilst in the dining car your personal attendants will turn down your room transforming your seating into comfortable beds. At this time they will leave an itinerary for the next day’s activities. The reverse is true in the morning; once you wander down for breakfast they will discreetly make your up your compartment for the day.

After the first day you settle into a nice, easy routine. On an average day you will be given a time for English speaker to tune into the PA in your compartment for a fascinating talk on the history of the area you are travelling through and some general housekeeping.

By mid-morning you are usually off the train for today’s exciting touring. In the general announcements, and in your daily “what’s on’ list, you will be given information on what you need to bring for the day and/or night.

Whilst touring in the cities you will be broken up into your groups. The touring parties are made up guest who pseak the same language and are similar cabin categories. Your permanent train guide is always with you as well as a local English speaking guide; so you get local knowledge as well as someone there to help with any needs you may have as you travel along.

During your journey you will have many hotel stays. You do not need to pack a big bag for this. Just take a small overnight bag with the next day’s clothes. When you are staying in the hotels, dinner and breakfast is usually at the hotel or in a local restaurant.

Life on board is pretty laid back; most people keep their compartment doors open during the day. Reading, cards, chatting and attending lectures and vodka tastings. Breakfast is usually available over a two hour period so those early morning rushes were never the norm. Trains really are a comfortable and easy way to travel.

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