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Cruise Lake Baikal


Boat cruise on Lake Baikal followed by the Trans-Siberian Railway to Moscow

You begin your private train journey from Irkutsk to Moscow with an exciting excursion on Lake Baikal, the largest fresh water reservoir in the world.

Day 1: After your arrival in Irkutsk you take a boat trip to Cape Kadilny. You enjoy a visit with a local family.
DAY 2: A boat takes you to Olkhon Island, where you are served a picnic on the shore of Lake Baikal.
DAY 3: You visit the Sennaya Nature Preserve.
DAY 4: Take a walk through the forest along Baikal Bay, visit a Russian bathhouse, and spend the night in a traditional Siberian wooden house.
DAY 5: You take an excursion to Listvyanka, visit a dacha settlement, have a traditional tea with a local family, and go for a walk along one of the lakes behind the dams on the Angara River.
DAY 6: Cross Lake Baikal and board your Tsar’s Gold Private Train.

Your further itinerary begins with 10th day of our main Trans-Siberian Railway tour from Beijing to Moscow.

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