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Across Russia


From Moscow to Vladivostok via Lake Baikal and Ulan Ude

After travelling with your private train to Lake Baikal and on to Ulan Ude, you continue with this alternative route to Vladivostok and cover the entire length of this legendary railway. Following your stop in Ulan Ude you travel for three days in the regularly scheduled train, with visits to a family, to the largest Buddhist monastery in Russia, and to the city of Khabarovsk on the Amur River forming this section’s highlights.

DAYS 1 – 8: According to the standard itinerary from Moscow.
DAY 9: You travel from Lake Baikal to Ulan Ude, where you visit an Old Believers colony.
DAY 10: An excursion takes you to the Dazan Monastery with a meal in a yurt.
DAY 11-12: Transfer to the railway station to begin your eastward journey through Chita, Svobodny, and Birobidzhan, among other locations.
DAY 13: Your day includes a tour of Khabarovsk and a boat excursion on the Amur River.
DAY 14: An excursion takes you to the Khechzyr natural preserve where you go for a hike in the taiga, after which your journey continues towards Vladivostok.
DAY 15: You take a city tour Vladivostok and a boat excursion through Russia’s largest Pacific port.
DAY 16: You fly to Moscow.
DAY 17: You take a tour of the former royal estate Kolomenskoye and transfer later to the airport.

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