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Further Itineraries

Tsars Gold Private Train

Mongolia To Moscow

This alternative route is optimal for those who have already visited Beijing and would like to experience the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway.

Almaty To Ashgabat

Follow the legendary Silk Road back in time, across three countries and seven UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Cruise Lake Baikal

Boat cruise on Lake Baikal followed by the Trans-Siberian Railway to Moscow

Across Russia

From Moscow to Vladivostok via Lake Baikal and Ulan Ude

Vladivostok To Moscow

From the rugged shores of the Pacific Ocean to the vibrant bustle of Moscow, experience the vastness and variety of Russia.

Ashgabat To Almaty

Journey the legendary Silk Road and travel through the ages—ancient and modern civilizations combine to create the adventure of a lifetime.

Discover Mongolia

Alternative route through Mongolia and then on to Moscow

Take the trip of a lifetime

Find out more about the Tsars Gold Private Train.